Thank you for agreeing to being a scrutineer!  

You can sign up for scrutineering at different locations:

  • Alexandria (Early Votes): Scrutineering the vote count of the early voting centres.  This counting starts at 6PM on 21 May at the AEC offices in Alexandria.
  • Wentworth Polling Booths: Scrutineering the vote count at the polling booths.  This counting starts at 6PM on 21 May at the polling booths in Wentworth.


Confirmation of location assignments
  • Alexandria: We can confirm the assignments to scrutineer the votes from the Early Voting in Alexandria immediately. We will coordinate carpools. The early voting scrutineer team will leave Wentworth at 4:45PM on election day. We will need to check in with the AEC no later than 5:30PM.  The Early Vote Centres will be the earliest indication of the election outcome, so if you're interested in seeing early returns.
  • Wentworth: Polling booth scrutineering assignments will be made approximately 48 hours before election day. Each polling booth will have a scrutineer captain. You need to be at the booth, with your captain, at 10:00AM. The entire team must check in together (present your identification and receive your scrutineering credentials and lanyard). We are not permitted to check in individually.  We will try to assign a booth close to you.  

We will be in touch with you shortly to confirm and provide further details. 

Training and preparing to be a scrutineer

There will be a training video lead by Tony Coburn.  We will send you a link to the video and you can watch it over the next 10 days.  There is also a 30 minute Zoom Q&A/training follow up session with Tony on one of:

  • Tuesday 17 May 6:30 PM;
  • Wednesday 18 May 9:00AM; or
  • Wednesday 18 May 6:30 PM.  

It is essential to attend one of these sessions.  

Which scrutineering assignment would you prefer?

Scrutineering occurs in every election day polling place and at a central counting location in Alexandria where Pre-Poll (Early Voting) votes are counted. Please indicate your preferred location.