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Allegra Spender says it will be 'damaging' for Peter Dutton and the Liberal Party to reject Labor's Voice to Parliament

The Coalition risks "damaging" its own party if it rejects and continues to oppose the government's Voice to Parliament, an independent MP has warned. Liberal leader Peter Dutton and his ministers have vocalised their concerns over the lack of "even the m ...

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Lack of public charging facilities makes owning an electric car a challenge for Sydney residents

Miriam Hechtman and Guy Shalvi wanted to do their bit for the environment so when the time came for a new car, an electric vehicle (EV) was their first choice. At that point they had a garage where it could be charged, and the decision was relatively easy ...

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Macquarie Dictionary reveals the 2022 Word of the Year

The Macquarie Dictionary's 2022 Word of the Year has been revealed and it might surprise you that it's not a new word. Teal is defined as "a political candidate who holds generally ideologically moderate views but who supports strong action regarding envi ... Read more

Australia's Word of the Year is a colourful nod to the teal wave of independents that swept the federal election

ABC News / By Niki Burnside - Independent "teal" MPs Kylea Tink, Sophie Scamps, Zoe Daniel, Zali Steggall, Allegra Spender and Monique Ryan unseated their Liberal competitors in May this year.(ABC News: Nick Haggarty)

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Danny Lim: NSW police to internally investigate arrest that left Sydney personality with brain bleed

Greens write to police minister Paul Toole to demand an independent investigation into QVB arrest that left Lim in hospitalFollow our Australia news live blog for the latest updatesGet our morning and afternoon news emails, free app or daily news podcast ... Read more

NSW students promised access to co-ed high schools under Labor plan

All students in NSW will have guaranteed access to a co-educational public high school if Labor wins the March election under a plan to give thousands of parents in single-sex catchments more options as demand for co-ed surges. Labor has vowed to expand c ... Read more

Government has made 'right moves' in discussions with China

Independent MP Allegra Spender says the government has made some "right moves" in its discussion with China following the meeting between Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and China's President Xi Jinping at the G20 in Bali. "I think what it has done is sai ... Read more

Government needed to put more pressure on gas companies from 'beginning of their term'

Government needed to put more pressure on gas companies from beginning of their term' Independent MP Allegra Spender says the government should have been putting more pressure on gas companies from the "beginning of their term", as discussions continue on ... Read more

Teals not a Labor front but a sigh from Libs' heartland

Brad Hazzard's belief that teal independents are a front for the Labor Party indicates a lack of insight into their success and the failure of Liberal candidates (" Teals appear to be front for ALP: Hazzard ", November 21). The teals are closely aligned t ... Read more

‘An issue of choice’: New eastern suburbs high school under consideration

The NSW government will consider the need for a new public high school in the eastern suburbs, an area awash with at least 20 private secondary schools and scarce coeducational options. NSW Education Minister Sarah Mitchell said the government would launch an independent consultation with parents, students and communities in ... Read more