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Support your independent voice in Canberra

As a community independent, Allegra doesn’t receive funding from a political party, nor have access to party head office resources. The strength of being an Independent is deciding how to vote on every Bill, to best represent the views of the community, without direction from a controlling party. This means that every piece of legislation must be carefully scrutinised by Allegra’s team.

Allegra’s campaign was built on the engagement of, and support from, the Wentworth community and we are asking you to continue this support.

Your donation will help us build capacity in the Parliamentary Team as well as the Electoral Office, allowing us to:

  • Give all legislation the consideration it deserves to ensure Allegra’s vote represents your views
  • Provide the resources for the team to improve proposed legislation with important amendments
  • Allow our constituent liaison team to help more people in the community, faster
  • Support our community initiatives such as our Climate Summit 'Powering Wentworth to Net Zero', our Housing Forums and our Body Image Forum

Donations are tax deductible. Your donation won’t buy influence or access but it will assist me to continue doing politics differently.


Donation information

  • You are donating to the Federal Member for Wentworth, Allegra Spender, through Allegra for Wentworth Pty Ltd.
  • Donations to Allegra Spender MP are tax deductible for individual donors (not companies) up to $1,500 in a financial year. For more information on tax deductions, please refer to your financial advisor or to the Australian Tax Office.
  • There are no caps on political donations to a Federal MP under Commonwealth electoral laws. However, if your donation is more than $16,300 (or exceeds $16,300 together with other smaller donations you have made in the 2023/24 financial year), then your name and amount of donation will need to be disclosed to the Australian Electoral Commission. You will also need to lodge a donor disclosure, which we will notify you about at the time.
  • To ensure donation transparency in accordance with her policy of Honest Politics, Allegra Spender voluntarily discloses all donations on her website within 10 working days as well as in the Australian Electoral Commission returns. If your donation does not exceed $16,300, you may elect to have your name remain anonymous by checking the box on the donation form on this website.
  • By making a donation, you declare that you are not a foreign donor. If we have concerns about your eligibility, we may ask for proof of relevant status.