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Creating a better climate for Wentworth

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Working for Wentworth

I'm Allegra Spender, the independent member of Parliament for the federal seat of Wentworth.

As an independent, my priority is to stand up for your values and to take action on the issues that matter most to Wentworth.

My Policy Platform

I’ve spent time listening to the Wentworth community and I'm fighting for action on your priorities:

  1. Addressing the cost of living crisis.
  2. Taking urgent action on climate change.
  3. Reforming our tax system.
  4. Delivering a fairer and more inclusive society.
  5. Restoring integrity to politics.


Latest Posts

    Better childcare will help more women take up full-time work and it will help children develop. Let’s take steps towards cheaper, better childcare for a stronger and more inclusive economy.

    Allegra Spender MP