I’ve spent time listening to the people of Wentworth. You’ve told me you’re concerned about climate. You want to see a future-focused economy and better healthcare planning. You’re also worried about the lack of political integrity Canberra. These policies reflect what’s important to you. They also work holistically to extend benefits across all society.

Climate action

By enacting climate change legislation and supporting an evidence-based transition to zero emissions we’ll protect our future.

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  • Cut emissions by at least 50% by 2030
  • Turbocharge Australia’s renewable energy transition
  • Support electric vehicles and strengthen emissions standards
  • Develop adaptive capacity and resilience to floods, bushfires and drought
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A better climate for our future

New economy

By building a smart, sustainable and fiscally-responsible economy we will all benefit from better business opportunities and jobs.

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  • Provide certainty around decarbonisation so business can invest with confidence
  • Unlock innovation, investment and employment in future focused sectors and organisations
  • Support small business and the arts to recover from COVID and thrive in the new economy
  • Focus the government on cost of living pressures across the Australian community
  • Stop wasteful government spending including fossil fuel subsidies and pork-barrelling
  • Build a stronger, inclusive workforce through greater access to childcare and improved educational equality
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A better climate for business

Accessible education

By aligning education with the changing world of work we’ll equip everyone to participate and thrive.

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  • Ensure our young people are skilled and confident to succeed in their early careers
  • Support a second public high school in Wentworth
  • Provide affordable, flexible lifelong learning and retraining programs
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A better climate for education

First-class healthcare

By supporting modern healthcare we’ll increase wellbeing and help vulnerable people to lead better lives.

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  • Ensure aged care organisations provide high standards of care
  • Support proactive and preventative healthcare to improve quality safety and outcomes
  • Improve access to mental health services
  • Take an evidence-based approach to tackling COVID, including addressing surgery backlogs
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A better climate for health

Honest politics

By legislating for transparent, accountable government we’ll stop vested interests undermining our democracy and restore faith in government.

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  • Legislate for a federal ICAC with teeth
  • Increase transparency and accountability of tax-payer funded programs and political donations
  • Preserve the ABC and champion independent, unbiased reporting
  • Prohibit misleading or deceptive political advertising
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A better climate for Government

Inclusive Society

By standing up for equal opportunities and respect we’ll build a vibrant, inclusive society.

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  • Ensure respectful treatment of women, LGBTQI+ people and minorities
  • Promote diversity in public office and the workplace
  • Support the social and economic empowerment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  • Advocate for the humane treatment of asylum seekers and refugees
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A better climate for everyone

Natural environment

By investing in and protecting Wentworth’s stunning natural environment we’ll protect our health, wellbeing and tourism.

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  • Support robust measures to protect Australia’s rich biodiversity
  • Protect our beaches, harbour, parks and water quality
  • Preserve public spaces for our community

A better climate for nature