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Inclusive Society

Equal opportunities and respect

Inclusive Society

By standing up for equal opportunities and respect we’ll build a vibrant, inclusive society. Australia is a wonderfully diverse nation and I’m proud that Wentworth reflects this. A respectful, inclusive society, where everyone feels safe, acknowledged, respected, and is able to practice their faith in freedom is essential for our community. We must ensure that nobody feels left behind or excluded because of who they are.

That’s why I’m fighting for:

  1. Respect, equality and safety for women and girls: by making childcare more affordable; increasing paid parental leave and ensuring it is split between both parents; providing greater flexibility for women at work and closing the gender pay gap; supporting those subjected to domestic violence, including through grassroots services in Wentworth and by funding evidence-based ways to prevent violence across the country; and empowering women in leadership and in politics.

  2. First Nations rights and representation: through full implementation of the Uluru Statement from the Heart, including a First Nations Voice to Parliament; a dedicated plan to address violence against First Nations women; raising the age of criminality from ten to fourteen; and taking steps to address the over-representation of First Nations people in our criminal justice system.

  3. Support for our LGBTQI+ community: by standing up against discrimination on the basis of someone’s identity; reforming our legal system so that our LGBTQI+ community are provided with strong protections at work and across society; and ensuring that LGBTQI+ people have equal access to appropriate healthcare, mental health support, housing, and work.

  4. Support for our Jewish community: by standing-up against antisemitism, in particular through working with our schools and universities; promoting the essential work of International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) and Holocaust remembrance museums across Australia; building deeper connections with the Jewish community and with interfaith communities across Wentworth; fostering stronger ties between Israel and Australia, particularly in areas such as innovation; and supporting concerned diplomatic efforts towards a two-state solution in the Middle East, which is essential to the long-term goal of peace and security.


What have I done so far

  • Successfully lobbied the government to increase Paid Parental Leave to 26 weeks and include a ‘use-it-or-lose-it’ provision to encourage sharing of leave with the second parent

  • Voted in support of legislation to increase the rate of childcare subsidy and help get more women who want to back into work

  • Been a leading advocate among the crossbench in support of First Nations Voice to Parliament, including by co-founding the Parliamentary Friends of the Uluru Statement from the Heart and speaking-up in support of the referendum on the Voice

  • Worked closely with Equality Australia to put forward amendments to the Respect@Work Bill to push government to protect all people at work from sexual harassment, including those in our LGBTQI+ community, "Don't squander this opportunity" - Equality Australia urges stronger Respect@Work reforms to protect LGBTIQ+ people - Equality Australia

  • Co-founded the Parliamentary Friends of International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, met regularly with the Jewish community and Israel’s ambassador to Australia, and spoke-out in Parliament against the alarming rise in antisemitism in Australia

  • Held education summits with primary and secondary students from across Wentworth to discuss bullying, racism and anti-Semitism and other key concerns for young people

  • Successfully lobbied the Foreign Minister to take stronger action in support of women in Iran

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