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Prevention, integration and respect


Our health system came under intense pressure during the pandemic and only just made it through.  We need preventative measure to keep people well, and more holistic and integrated care when they are not.  We also need to support the training, development, and mental health of our healthcare workers, who provide such crucial support in times of need.  That's why I'm advocating for:

  1. Increased emphasis on prevention and early intervention: Increased focus on these areas is better for people's lives and reduces costs to our health system.  That's why we need to increase funding for health prevention; conduct pilots around GP health assessments and interventions and increase breast cancer screening; provide more aged care at home to reduce costs and improve quality of life; and increase transparency around waiting times for key services, particularly mental health and elective surgery.

  2. A holistic and integrated system of care: By working better across different systems, different layers of government, and different healthcare professionals, we can improve the quality of care whilst reducing costs.  That's why we need to work with states to improve the integration of care; use data and technology to streamline health information between systems and health professionals; pilot more innovative ways of delivering care; and establish a Sustainable Healthcare Unit that is responsible for reducing emissions across healthcare.   

  3. Respect for the people who care for others: We cannot afford to take the people who deliver care for granted and we know we must do better.  That's why we need to follow through on the Aged Care Royal Commission's recommendations for more staff, with better pay and improved skills and qualifications; enable skilled professionals like nurses, pharmacists, and midwives to serve people to the full extent of their qualifications; work with the professions to ensure we are training appropriate numbers of healthcare workers; and support cultural reform to restore respect within working environments. 

What have I done so far

  • Conducted detailed analysis of access to GP bulk-billing appointments in Wentworth, following concerns raised with me by people across the electorate

  • Raised Wentworth's lack of access to GP bulk-billing appointments in Parliament and with the Federal Health Minister, Allegra Spender speaks about the importance of bulk billing - YouTube

  • Established a regular correspondence with the Federal Health Minister, providing periodic updates on the issues of concern to people of Wentworth

  • Voted in support of aged care legislation reform, which implement a further 19 recommendations of the Aged Care Royal Commission



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