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Nature Repair Bill Q&A

Nature Repair Bill

Last year’s State of the Environment Report highlighted the perilous state of nature in Australia, and the urgent need to take action. The government has made a series of commitments to support environmental protection, and as part of implementing them has brought forward legislation to create a Nature Repair Market. The market is intended to reward landholders for restoring and protecting nature, as well as provide options for businesses and non-profit organisations to invest in nature repair.

However, a number of concerns have been raised about the government’s proposal, ahead of the legislation being debated in parliament in May. Next Wednesday 24th May from 7-8pm, I’ll be joined by two experts in environmental policy to discuss the Nature Repair Market Bill and answer your questions.

  • Lyndon Schneiders is the Executive Director of the Australian Climate and Biodiversity Foundation and formerly the National Director of the Wilderness Society. Lyndon has spent nearly thirty years working in conservation and has deep expertise in the measures we need to take to turn things around.

  • Jennifer Barwick is the Climate and Nature Coordinator at Pew Charitable Trusts. Pew works with Indigenous people, scientists, conservation organisations, industry, and government agencies to conserve Australia’s critical natural landscapes and marine habitats.

During the Zoom, we’ll explain what this legislation is all about, discuss concerns people have voiced, get the expert view on what improvements are needed, and answer your questions. 

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