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Integrity & Truth: Politics on Zoom with Dr Helen Haines MP

Integrity & Truth: Politics on Zoom with Dr Helen Haines MP

On 22nd April 2024, Allegra Spender MP, Wentworth’s Federal Independent and Dr Helen Haines MP, Indi’s Federal Independent, discussed the progress made in Parliament, and what still needs to be done to ensure truth in political advertising, strengthen our democracy and do politics differently. 

Helen Haines was elected as the Independent Federal Member for Indi in 2019 and re-elected in 2022. Before entering politics Dr Haines worked as a nurse, midwife and rural health researcher for more than 30 years.

Dr Haines has been a champion for integrity and transparency in politics, working with MPs from across Parliament in the campaign to establish a robust federal integrity commission.

In the 46th Parliament, Dr Haines drafted and introduced a bill to create an Australian Federal Integrity Commission, creating momentum that made integrity a major issue in the 2022 election.

The National Anti Corruption Commission, which upheld Dr Haines’ principles for an integrity body, was passed through Parliament in November 2022 and commenced operation in July 2023. Dr Haines is the Deputy Chair of the Parliamentary Joint Committee that oversees the National Anti Corruption Commission.

Dr Haines was awarded the 2022 Alan Missen Award by the Accountability Round Table and 2022 McKinnon Prize for Emerging Political Leader for her work on integrity in politics.

In the 47th Parliament, Dr Haines introduced a Private Members’ Bill to Parliament to reform how Commonwealth funding is managed to increase fairness, transparency and accountability, called the The Accountability of Grants, Investment Mandates and Use of Public Resources Amendment (End Pork Barrelling) Bill 2024.


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