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There are a range of government programs to support households with the costs of electrifying their homes and installing solar. Below are some of those available in the City of Sydney Council area, either through your local council, state government or federal programs as well as more information about how to reduce your household emissions.

The Green Building Grants Program offers grants of up to $15,000 to eligible ‘owners corporation of an existing residential strata building or the owner of an existing building in the accommodation sector’ (such as hotels, hostels and serviced apartments) to undertake ‘environmental ratings, certifications, audits and assessments for existing buildings to be resource efficient and achieve net zero emissions by 2035’. The grant funding can be spent on:

  • NABERSGreen Star Performance or EarthCheck assessment and/or certification
  • residential energy/water/waste assessments
  • renewables/electrification feasibility assessments
  • net zero action plans.

Both non-profit and for‑profit organisations are eligible to apply, however, for-profit organisations ‘are required to match the funding requested with cash‘.

The Smart Green Apartments Program provides free expert advice on how to reduce energy and water use to eligible owners corporations (or equivalent) of strata or company‑titled apartment buildings (that have a minimum of 50 units). Program participants can receive:

  • energy and water assessments – NABERS rating
  • an energy action plan with recommended improvements
  • a presentation on NABERS ratings and energy action plans
  • tailored advice on improving waste management and recycling
  • a WaterFix program by Sydney Water, if the building meets certain criteria
  • access to webinars, resources and opportunities to connect with people in other buildings through our leadership network.

The program is currently closed, but applications will open again in 2024.

To calculate how much money your household or business could save on energy bills with a solar system installed, please click here. The SunSpot calculator uses Google Earth imagery to assess the viability of your roof and asks for your latest energy bill cost, along with a summary of your home appliances to calculate your estimated total savings.

Households and small businesses that install a small-scale renewable energy system, or a hot water system, may be able to receive support to help with the purchase cost. This is obtained through creating small-scale technology certificates. Check your eligibility and apply via the Clean Energy Regulator. These systems include:

  • solar panel systems
  • small-scale wind systems
  • small-scale hydro systems
  • solar water heaters
  • air source heat pumps.

If you're a club or organisation looking for guidance on installing solar, our fantastic councils have also combined on a free initiative to help clubs and community organisations save on energy bills with solar power, by providing support from start to finish. You can learn more here. You can also find details about events in your area by looking at your local council website, or learning more here.

If you are a renter, find out more here about pathways to installing solar on your house or apartment building and ways to negotiate with your landlord/corporate body.

NSW residents who are currently receiving a Low-Income Household Rebate are eligible to swap 10 years of this rebate for a free solar system or energy efficient upgrades under several different programmes. Check your availability via the NSW government website.

To be eligible, you must:

  • currently receive the Low Income Household Rebate
  • agree not to receive the rebate for 10 years
  • hold a valid Pensioner Concession Card or Department of Veterans’ Affairs Gold Card
  • own and live in your house
  • not already have a solar PV system

If you are not the registered homeowner but your spouse is, your household may be eligible.

Find out more here.

Our fantastic councils have also combined on a free initiative to help clubs and community organisations save on energy bills with solar power, by providing support from start to finish. You can learn more here

GreenPower energy allows consumers to purchase energy from renewable projects without installing a solar system on their roof.

Although buying renewable energy off the grid may not always be the cheapest option, this is an easy way to slash your household emissions and contribute to our community reaching Net Zero. Most electricity providers offer GreenPower products, so you can remain with your existing provider, or change to a retailer which only utilises renewable power. Find out more information here.

A range of incentives are available to help people in NSW upgrade existing appliances and energy equipment to more efficient models. Switching to more efficient appliances helps reduce your energy use and can save you money on power bills in the long-term. You can access specific support to: