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FOR – Climate Change Bill 2022, Climate Change (Consequential Amendments) Bill 2022 - Consideration in Detail - Amend objects of bill

The majority voted in favour of amendments moved by Kooyong MP Monique Ryan (Independent) on behalf of Curtin MP Kate Chaney (Independent), which means they succeeded.

What do the amendments do?

Regarding the first amendment, Dr Ryan explained that:

This amendment clarifies the underlying climate goals of the bill, the urgency of action and a link to scientific knowledge. An acknowledgement of the object's clause of the urgency of action and a link to scientific knowledge should give business certainty that this is a new era in climate policy and that the Australian parliament has an intention to be guided by the science and to decarbonise our economy. The setting of a numerical target is the first step in this significant shift.

In relation to the second amendment, she explained that it "promotes accountability and ambition to reflect that this is the start of a significant journey ahead."

Amendment text

(1) Clause 3, page 2 (before line 15), before paragraph (a), insert:

(aa) to advance an effective and progressive response to the urgent threat of climate change drawing on the best available scientific knowledge; and

(2) Clause 3, page 2 (line 21), after "accountability", insert "and ambition".


Date and time: 10:07 AM on 2022-08-04
Allegra Spender's vote: Aye
Total number of "aye" votes: 86
Total number of "no" votes: 57
Total number of abstentions: 8
Related bill: Climate Change Bill 2022

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