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FOR – Climate Change (Consequential Amendments) Bill 2022 - Consideration of Senate Message - Agree with Senate amendment

The majority voted in favour of a motion to agree with an amendment made by the Senate. This means that that amendment - which relates to the prescribed functions of ARENA - will now be part of the bill.

This vote means that all parts of the bill have now been agreed to by both the House and the Senate, which in turn means that the bill will now become law.


One MP crossed the floor, with Bass MP Bridget Archer (Liberal) voting 'Yes' against the rest of her party, who voted 'No'.

Amendment text

(1) Schedule 1, page 4 (after line 6), after item 2, insert:

2A At the end of section 8


Note: Paragraph (f) allows additional functions to be prescribed related to renewable energy technologies as well as electrification technologies or energy efficiency technologies.


Date and time: 4:26 PM on 2022-09-08
Allegra Spender's vote: Aye
Total number of "aye" votes: 86
Total number of "no" votes: 50
Total number of abstentions: 15
Related bill: Climate Change (Consequential Amendments) Bill 2022

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