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What the changes mean for you


Fairer HECS/HELP Indexation

After a year of pressure from the community and crossbench, the government has finally announced planned changes to the indexation of HECS, wiping a total of 3 billion dollars for over 3 million Australians. 

This is a fantastic win for young Australians who have already been hit hard by cost of living pressures like rising rents.

How much will you save on your HECS debt? 

HECS debts will now be indexed to the lower between the Consumer Price Index or the Wage Price Index. 

As the reform will be backdated to 2023, last year’s indexation rise of 7.1% will be lowered to 3.2% under the new policy. For the average graduate, this will mean $1,200 in savings.

The policy will also be applicable for apprentices who have student debts through the VET Student Loan program or Australian Apprenticeship Support Loan.

If your HECS balance is: You will get this back:
$15,000 $675
$25,000 $1,120
$30,000 $1,345
$35,000 $1,570
$40,000 $1,795
$45,000 $2,020
$50,000 $2,245
$100,000 $4,485


This is a huge win for the community 

I spoke to so many people in Wentworth who were concerned about this and I’m incredibly proud to have been part of community and crossbench efforts to advocate for this change. 

Congratulations in particular to independent MP Dr Monique Ryan for receiving nearly 290,000 signatures on her petition calling on the government to make HECS fairer. It shows the power of independents listening to community and delivering on their priorities.

But there is still more to be done

This is an important first step, however there is still so much more to be done to support young Australians. That means addressing the high cost of arts degrees, expanding paid placements, and fixing how student debt is treated when graduates apply for a mortgage. And, we also need much stronger action on the housing crisis, climate change, and tax reform.

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