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Anne Lumley|Office Reception Team

As a receptionist the main role is really to be a gatekeeper, fielding calls and visitors to work out who they need to speak to or where they need to go. Sometimes people just want a chat or to pass on a message. 

So, for good government we need to have honest, hard  working, caring and smart MP's. Allegra is one such person and it is a big hard job. Being an independent she doesn't have the backing of a big party, she employs a great team but there is so much work to do. In order to aid Allegra and her team to deliver good service and policy I am part of a large body of volunteers that helps make the office tick. 

The best days are when they have meetings and I get to eat the left-over cakes and pastries! Besides that, I have always enjoyed following politics and it's so nice to see Allegra and her team working to achieve better outcomes.