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Climate action

By enacting climate change legislation and supporting an evidence-based transition to zero emissions we’ll protect our future.

  • Cut emissions by at least 50% by 2030
  • Turbocharge Australia’s renewable energy transition
  • Support electric vehicles and strengthen emissions standards
  • Develop adaptive capacity and resilience to floods, bushfires and drought


A better climate for our future

New economy

By building a smart, sustainable and fiscally-responsible economy we will all benefit from better business opportunities and jobs.

  • Provide certainty around decarbonisation so business can invest with confidence
  • Unlock innovation, investment and employment in future focused sectors and organisations
  • Support small business and the arts to recover from COVID and thrive in the new economy
  • Focus the government on cost of living pressures across the Australian community
  • Stop wasteful government spending including fossil fuel subsidies and pork-barrelling
  • Build a stronger, inclusive workforce through greater access to childcare and improved educational equality

A better climate for business

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