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AGAINST – Social Security (Administration) Amendment (Repeal of Cashless Debit Card and Other Measures) Bill 2022 - Second Reading - Declare bill urgent

The majority voted in favour of a motion "that the bill be considered urgent."

What does this mean?

Speaker and MP for Oxley Milton Dick (Labor) explained that:

As the House has declared the bill urgent, I remind members standing order 85 provides principles for proceedings, which include standing order 31 will not apply and a second reading debate may continue from 7.30 until 10 pm or earlier if no member rises to speak. Each member will have a maximum of 10 minutes of speaking time. At 10 pm or earlier the Speaker shall interrupt the debate and immediately adjourn the House until 9 am tomorrow. After prayers tomorrow, the question on the bill will be put without further amendment or debate.

Why would this bill be considered urgent?

Watson MP Tony Burke (Labor) explained that:

I previously explained to the House one of the challenges with the bill that is now before us is that if it is to be carried by both houses, for the deadline on the card, which is within the bill, there needs to be a phase down period. The phase down period is required because—and I'm not sure how this has happened, and I don't want to engage too much with the debate—it has been possible with this particular card for people to connect it to Afterpay accounts. As a result of that, you can't just suddenly end it on a set date without there being a staged down period. For that reason, for the bill to be able to work, the government requires when we return in the next sitting fortnight for the Senate to pass it at that point.

Those familiar with the Senate, which I suspect is none of us—but I know enough to know that overwhelmingly their government business occurs on a Monday, which means even though we're only on Tuesday at the moment, given what will happen with the climate bills tomorrow, the only way we can make sure that the legislation before us has a chance of being implemented in an orderly fashion is for this bill to go through tonight.


Date and time: 5:47 PM on 2022-08-02
Allegra Spender's vote: No
Total number of "aye" votes: 82
Total number of "no" votes: 58
Total number of abstentions: 11
Related bill: Social Security (Administration) Amendment (Repeal of Cashless Debit Card and Other Measures) Bill 2022

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